I paid, he didnt..



My friend, his brother and i were using one cart. In self check out, I paid for my things and my friend was stuffing my bags with his things as his brother watched and stood still. And then my friend started leaving before i was even done paying for my things. We were all stopped at the front of the store and arrested. My friend's brother was let go and my friend and i went off to jail. We were not charged in consort. Is it possible for me to go free if my friend tells them that he was stealing those things for himself and not be convicted of petty theft or at least get the charge expunged if i plead guilty?
Your friend is a criminal. Do you really think he wouldn't throw you under the bus to save his own skin.

You are being prosecuted for a crime. Understand that it's no game. A conviction can ruin your life.

Keep your mouth shut. Hire a lawyer and don't talk to anybody but the lawyer, not your friends, not your family, no one. Anybody you talk to can be brought into court and compelled to testify against you, except your lawyer.
Pleading guilty for something you didn't do makes no sense.
Plead not guilty, talk to your lawyer about what the thief did, if you and your still friend have your lawyer's work together, you might have a chance.
You'd have a better chance if you can get the thief to admit to his evil deeds when you, the other dupe, and 8-10 other, uninvolved friends are there to testify at trail to who did the crime.

You lawyer might be able to get the store video with the thief cramming the bags.

You should have HOWLED, when you saw the thief stealing and stuffing.

That is one of your biggest worries.
I am a Retail theft consultant and answer questions like yours daily. You need to discuss your options with an Attorney. Far as expunging your record (if convicted) that happens about 7 years after conviction so it does you no real good until then. If your friend will state you had nothing to do with theft and had no knowledge you might have a chance. However much depends n how willing your friend is and if he isnt offered a deal to turn on you! Say nothing and make no admission until you speak to an Attorney