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A friend and I had moved out of my wife's house when it was raided. by the SJSO. They (another agency KCSO) pulled us over and stated they were serving a search warrant for the initial county. Turned out my friend had x2 broken down AR type weapons in his belongings that were in my car (they were in hard plastic totes) and a bunch of high capacity mags. I never had a clue they were there because he never showed them to me nor did I ever ask. The KCSO put the parts into a x2 functioning weapons they were California non-compliant but let us go and shipped the weapons up to the SJSO. 9 months later I found out that I have felony warrants out for my arrest. I turned myself in and posted bail. I am now facing x3 felony and x1 misdemeanor count.
I never knew about the alleged guns inside my vehicle and my friend even told the KCSO at that time they all belonged to him.

Any suggestions?

P.S. I'm currently unemployed
Any suggestions?

P.S. I'm currently unemployed

DON'T admit or confess to ANYTHING.
Don't speak to the police, or anyone from law enforcement.

DO appear in court on time.
When your case is called, plead NOT GUILTY, and ask the court if you qualify for a public defender.

Don't speak to the co-defendant.
Stay away from any other legal problems during the pendency of this case.

Most of all, don't discuss ANY aspect of this case with anyone but your public defender when he or she is appointed by the judge.

If things are as you say, you're very likely to get the charges dismissed.

In a nutshell...don't talk to anybody but YOUR attorney about this matter. That includes the fact that you shouldn't be posting about it on the internet.
When you get arrested, you're going to need a lawyer. If you can't afford a lawyer, you'll get one appointed by the court. In the meantime, stop posting on public message boards (or otherwise discussing with anyone other than a lawyer) about the alleged crimes and criminal activity.