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:no:"my husbandis a plumber he made a deal w/ a friend to converthis tub to a shower his friend paid him with 2 guns instead of cash.now that 'friend' reported guns stolen ,since my hubby is a felon he has been charged with many felonys one being armed robbery ..what can i do to help him while he sits in jail
Your husband needs a lawyer. He also needs to remain silent about this. That means you should not discuss this case with him, in person or over the telephone. Your conversations are being recorded and monitored.

If you can't afford a lawyer, he needs to ask the court to appoint one. If he's a felon, he's going down no matter how he came to possess the guns. Felons aren't allowed to even touch a gun. He's in big trouble. A lawyer might be able to lessen his burden, but he's got a huge fight on his hands.
In most states, a crime involving a gun carries mandatory prison time. A felon in possession of a gun usually does mandatory prison time. But, most states have over crowded prisons. I'd say he has a 10% chance of not going to prison. It doesn't look good from what you say. He needs his own lawyer. What he did (if he did it) was stupid, very stupid.

From what you say, this could be his third strike. If it is, this could be even worse.
It does not matter if your husband stole the guns or not. He is not legally allowed to possess them and he knew that.
How much time he might serve really depends on the state, but I would expect him to serve a bit, especially with a lengthy record.
As far as the felon in possession law, I take it your husband hadn't filed to have his civil rights restored, thereby making him eligible to possess firearms?

You may also want to consider that your husband's word to you that He didn't steal the guns may not be true.
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