Criminal Records, Expungement How to expunge a dui in California from 2010

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I got arrested in Dec 2009 for Dui due to ambien (prescription) and in 2010 was convicted of DUI-Alcohol/Drugs. My work history has been in the health field taking care of dependent/disabled persons. I am unable to get any job in this field in CA or NV and believe this is also for all other states. How can I get this record expunged?
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Sorry to bring bad news, but remember how they used to talk about your "permanent record" back in grade school?

Well, umm yeah, this crimninal record is even more permanent.

Trust me, if its ever been recorded, you've been convicted, it rarely gets wiped away.

It can sometimes be hidden, but never really cleansed.

The only exception is an executive level (president or governor or royal) pardon.

Those are rare, very rare, and go to the hoity toity.
Understand that an expungement generally changes the disposition to "dismissed," the record is NOT purged (i.e. destroyed). So, it won't go away. And, considering there is a ten year look-back period for DUI, there may be some reluctance for the court to dismiss it.
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