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You seem to have a problem understanding the concept "To the victor go the spoils".

I comprehend the concept just fine and I recognize history being repeated. Only this time it's the banksters foreclosing on your home, taxing away your labor, making you pay for the privilege of doing business, funding your own tyranny, paying for permission to build something on your own land, and devaluing your savings and social security. If that isn't enough, they dumb down your children in their training camps (public education) and with the mercury-aluminum-formaldehyde filled vaccines and fluoride in the water and toothpaste. Cancer is used as a bio-weapon, your food is being genetically modified and your air is being poisoned with chemtrails, they imprison people for nothing more than to use their labor, they enforce so many statutes on you that not even the judges and lawyers can know them all. Most of this is done under the guise of "government" and I have barely scratched the surface. Look into UN Agenda 21 and Codex Alimentarius.

Soon the victors will have it all and there will be but a handful of victims left to enslave - or will humanity rise up and claim their freedom?

They only have MIGHT, they have no RIGHT!
It is not that I disagree, however, you are not solving that problem, even if your actions do make you feel good about yourself.
If enough people nullify their policies the problem will be solved. When enough people realize that the 3 tiny nations that rule the world have to authority over anyone but themselves and we refuse to fight their wars for them, it will GAME OVER for the NWO control freak tyrants.

It's not about making myself feel good about myself. It's about being part of the solution rather than part of the problem.
"In a government of laws, the existence of the government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously. Our government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by example. Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for the law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy." Justice Louis Brandeis

"The spirit of the times may alter, will alter. Our rulers will become corrupt, our people careless. From the conclusion of this war we shall be going downhill. It will not then be necessary to resort every moment to the people for support. They will be forgotten, therefore, and their rights disregarded. They will forget themselves, but in the sole faculty of making money, and will never think of uniting to effect a due respect for their rights. The shackles, therefore will be made heavier and heavier, till our rights shall revive or expire in a convulsion." Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia, 1781

"I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them." Thomas Jefferson

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear." ---Marcus Tullius Cicero

"No one should be forced to tolerate tyranny from his own government". Barry Soetoro 2009

These are a few relevant quotes from some wise men (except for the last one) that I thought you might enjoy.
The last one, although I do agree with the quote, came from the worst tyrant that ever warmed a toilet seat at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., District of Criminals.

My philosophy would be more in line with Jefferson and Spooner at this stage of my life. Your handle fits you well :) What is your philosophy and you can you even agree with that?
356 U.S. 369 (1958)
No. 87.

Supreme Court of United States.
In Sorrells v. United States, 287 U. S. 435, this Court firmly recognized the defense of entrapment in the federal courts. The intervening years have in no way detracted from the principles underlying that decision. The function of law enforcement is the prevention of crime and the apprehension of criminals. Manifestly, that function does not include the manufacturing of crime. Criminal activity is such that stealth and strategy are necessary weapons in the arsenal of the police officer. However, "A different question is presented when the criminal design originates with the officials of the Government, and they implant in the mind of an innocent person the disposition to commit the alleged offense and induce its commission in order that they may prosecute." 287 U. S., at 442. Then stealth and strategy become as objectionable police methods as the coerced confession and the unlawful search.

I found some good stuff here that should help them out if the case actually gets to trial. The DA already dropped 2 of the 3 charges and left only the lightest one.
You are assuming, of course, that entrapment occurred and that the idea did not originate with the suspects. If the idea originated with the suspects, and the government actors merely made available the means to pursue those goals, then entrapment becomes less viable a defense.

I can only suppose the facts will come out at trial. That is, of course, if they choose to cooperate with their own counsel and not torpedo themselves by refusing to participate.
It isn't anything remotely close to entrapment. That argument will fall flat. The suspects were even recorded doing practice runs for kidnapping and torturing police officers in a place they obtained specifically for that purpose.
They were infiltrated by an undercover. They weren't led to do anything they would not have otherwise done. Shoot... what kind of sovereign would be led so blindly?
The female is not a Sovereign. The man is a wannabe Sovereign. He has not done his study and he is not the sharpest tool in the shed. It is somewhat my fault for assuming he would do his study before I made some of the steps for him.

The "plot" did originate with the police. He was arrested for giving water away on the Las Vegas Strip. While in a holding cell another man came in who was a cop. This cop acted like a patriotic informed American and invited him to meet with his group of like minded people. They were all cops, 15 of them. They rented a unit in a warehouse complex to "meet", which was actually to entrap people. He showed up at their meetings and they hooked him in. It was easy because he has such a desire to be accepted. The cops had this all set up before they even sucked him in. They even let him use the warehouse for storing his water and ice machine. He was living with the female and she followed him. She is a sweet old lady. I just got the continuation police report. It is a clear cut case of entrapment if I ever saw one.

The practice runs were led by the cops. The place to hold the arrested/kidnapped cop belonged to the cops. The idea to torture was the cop's. The only plot that was infiltrated and foiled was the cop's own plot. They had no ideas to do anything like this until they met the cops.

I know it was their fault for being fooled, but we don't hire cops to fool people. At their request I attended a meeting and gave a lecture to the cops (unknowingly) on Common-Law vs Admiralty. I explained Sovereignty/the idea that you own yourself. I never went back because I didn't trust those people, and I didn't have time teach a bunch of beginners anyhow.
Again, police providing opportunity does not amount to entrapment.
Your friends chose to participate and were not coaxed into doing anything. If it were such a clear case of entrapment they would not be in jail.
Since you played a part in this it would be wise for you to distance yourself from the whole thing. You are probably being monitored to some degree.
It's very simple, OP. THEY don't care. THEY don't have to care. THEY own EVERYTHING. THEY have become far worse than ALL previous tyrants, dictators, and supreme rulers. THEY have concocted the most perverse and grandiose scam ever known in the history of human kind.

That said, THEY won't allow you to slip away easily to other geopolitical creations. THEY are in control of EVERYONE.

Argue with THEM, fight THEM, THEY care not.

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That being said, who are "they" and "them"?
This is how they set up the morons that attempted to bomb the bridge going into Brecksville, OH, thinking it would make some great political statement. The reason the agent picked that bridge was because the ground underneath is Federal land. Stupid is not an affirmative defense.
"They" are the Secret Societies. Bilderberg Group, CFR, Skull and Bones, Round Table, and many more. Some of their members are know and some are not. There are many books written about them. David Icke's Children of the Matrix and And The Truth Shall Set You Free are a couple.
They are in jail and I have never seen a more clear cut case of Entrapment. They just got bound over to the district court so maybe they will get some action there. I am almost positive I could convince a jury to nullify.

I am sure they are monitoring me. They have the man power.
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