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Actually in many cases a person can find this info themselves. I have also seen people from sites like expertlaw and other sites post who uses what database on occasion. It would be unwise for me to piss off retailers as they have bigger more expensive needs than do your average Joe from me. .
Actually in many cases a person can find this info themselves. I have also seen people from sites like expertlaw and other sites post who uses what database on occasion. It would be unwise for me to piss off retailers as they have bigger more expensive needs than do your average Joe from me. .

I understand why you do what you do.
You have compassion for many of these people.
You've dealt with them and their stories for years.
I blame the thieves, not those charged with protecting assets of others.

Good on you for trying to help, support, and heal these thieving heathens.

I advise anyone that ever stole anything, got arrested, later charged to simply accept the fact they're information will be in one of these databases.

That, however, should be of less significance than their criminal record which will be forever stained with their misdeed.

Even with certain alternative sentencing programs, the stain and its stench will linger forever absent a full pardon.

The message here is NOT to steal, or commit any crime.

The time to worry about consequences if BEFORE you commit the act.

Yet, we see time and time again, an obsessive need to know after the foul deed has been committed.

My recommendation is assume your name is in their databases, don't seek employment in the retail sector (or financial industry), live your life and stop committing crimes.

Even an old dummy like me knows why many are obsessed to work around money and valuable stuff. I'll shut my filthy pie hole now.
In fact she did was punished for and more than she deserved. I don't wanna go into details over this since it's not something I experienced myself and none of you know what really happened that day to start judging. I just wanted to know about the possibility of knowing if she is into this database I mentioned before...
My sympathies and I can understand the trauma of having one stupid act affect you in a multitude of ways. That is still absolutely no excuse for the inappropriate ascii art and other comments.

Here is how someone can find out if you are in the NMRA Theft Database.

Q: What are NRMA's responsibilities as suppliers of theft information under the FCRA?
A: NRMA may furnish a consumer report for employment purposes only if the user of such report certifies that they will comply with the above-mentioned responsibilities. Additional responsibilities of NRMA and GIS include:
  • Upon a consumer's request, NRMA must clearly and accurately disclose to the consumer all information that we have on file.
  • NRMA must provide the consumer with the identification of each person that procured a report within the last two years.
  • NRMA must provide the consumer the statutory prescribed notice summarizing all the rights the consumer has under the FCRA.
  • NRMA must provide a toll free telephone number at which GIS personnel are accessible during normal business hours.
  • NRMA must follow the prescribed process for conducting a reinvestigation of any information disputed by the consumer.
That said, I think most here were responding to the fact that no criminal charges were filed. The anxiety of not being sure if you are in the NMRA Theft Database pales in comparison to the real problems people have who (a) actually are in it; and (b) who are charged with a crime. Once charged, your life can be changed far more significantly as opposed to paying the fine and forgotten for the most part. One should consider themselves fortunate if they were caught and not charged with a crime. An friend wasn't so fortunate, charged as a young teenager during a bipolar episode that he later was able to handle - but the criminal charge wasn't as simple. Perspective is important. Your friend really needs treatment, probably more importantly than just the knowledge of whether she is in or out of the NMRA Theft Database. Good luck.
A couple of important points. Perhaps you were being expressive in sharing how important it was for you to find out the answer to your question. Sharing that a person is about to commit suicide unless they get this information comes across as emotional blackmail. I'm not saying this was your intention but take a step back for a moment and consider such a first impression. And this isn't even something to be so distressed as most others, mentioned above.

Can a shoplifter determine whether they appear in the NMRA Retail Theft Database? It seems the answer may be in the affirmative. But, as others allude to here including cbg, it does NOT prevent any chain of stores from keeping their own list - which they would not be required to disclose to you at your request under any particular law I can cite. So if you were caught shoplifting at Kohls, Macys, K-Mart, Costco, Wallmart, Kroger, Wallgreens - doesn't matter what store - they can share their own internal list of shoplifters. As a private entity, I don't know of a way you can get hold of that list without a subpoena and even that is dependent upon whether there are circumstances warranting its issuance. Saying that you're going to commit suicide is not a justification for the issuance of an information subpoena.

You've been given very good suggestions here. Your friend desperately needs help. She's worried about the possibility of being in a database and has no control over the result. I can only imagine what might happen if she actually appears in the NMRA Retail Theft Database. Get help for her soon and consider managing your own temperament better. Good luck.
I just realized - the remainder of this conversation doesn't have anything to do with the original poster, who has now received a complete answer about whether a shoplifter can determine if they appear in the NMRA Retail Theft Database and other databases. The remaining conversation is off topic and of no purpose other than harassment. We provide a great deal of leeway here but we abide by our rules for the protection of our users and staff.
This is none of your interest if I wanna know if my friend is in or not. So please limit to help and not to create a conflict here, if you can't do that stay away from my post. Perhaps you have steal before and after you got caught you kept doing it. Well if you read the original post this is not her case.

cbg wasn't talking to you in the post you replied to. Perhaps you should read things before you comment.
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