Have you taken the MyersBriggs Personality test?

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I took it many many years ago, but my three kids have all taken it lately (college psych and just for fun). It's making me wonder if there are specific personality types that tend to gravitate towards HR. I am a ENTJ .....anyone else?
Took it long ago in a Psych course. Don't remember my letters but also remember thinking the descripton didn't seem to fit me at all. I have vague recollections of the questions not being things I had strong feelings about or that I could answer multiple ways.
When I took the test recently, I noticed that a lot of it was quite accurate to my personality. Which is interesting, because according to their assessment, there are any number of careers I'd be better suited to than HR. I really like HR and after 20+ years doing it, I've been told I'm good at it, but their suggestions for careers for me involved things like being a lawyer, police work, and the military!
I got ISTJ. Moderate in everything. Some of the questions were to accurately answer with just a yes or no.
ENTJ -- Says I would be best in Business Management -- which is what my BS degree is. Guess I just fell into it naturally.
Interesting .. I came out INFJ with emphasis in a career in social services or as an educator in social services or an activist. Interesting that my BA is in Sociology and I am transitioning back into education from law enforcement ... hmmm ...
Since I have never taken it, I went head & done so. I got INFJ. It said I would be best in "inspirational" professions such as teaching (I did always want to be a teacher ever since I was in grade school but going to college didn't work out for me for various reasons) & religious leadership professions such as psychology & counseling. Also jobs requiring substantial intellectual work, caring for people, requiring creativity & mid-management positions possibly in the sciences & academia.
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