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Discussion in 'Commercial Landlord & Tenant Issues' started by Vanessabrad, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Vanessabrad

    Vanessabrad Law Topic Starter Guest

    Back on the night of the super bowel my children's father was assaulted by a neighbor who pushed him with force and he reacted with self defense once. He walked away got into his car as he was doing before he was stopped and assaulted. He didn't plan on doing anything about even though we have been dealing with all kinds of crazynes with these neighbors as a handful of our other neighbors and children. Then a week or two he was served papers stating they both put a restraining order on him and in it they pretty much state they don't want him or any of our company parking in our own parking space. Which the police officer said if it is our spot we can as long as it's our spot since then we have had the cops called on out house over 7 times for no reason just for or company parking in our spot we stopped letting or company park in our spot we pay for and still they call the cops when they see cars they have never seen before he has also been served another paper stated the lady said she seen him holding waving a gun laughing at her at our mail box. The things they have put in both paper works are awful they are very. Discriminating They are making him out to be this person he is not at all. And the police are taking their side and pretty much making us do as they tell us to jump. I've tooken pictures I their car parked a car garage away from ours but yet they tell the judge and police they are afraid of their lives they have even went so low as to putting cameras that face our house last summer they had them facing our car. This has been becoming too much for our family to handle we both go full time to school we haven't seen them since maybe nov before or car hit a deer until we got it jumped the night of the super bowel and now or kids are being brought into it by them getting scared about cops coming at 2 am because of they they shouldn't be witness in their father having to talk to the law in for meant every week cause a car that isn't their fathers these people have not seen him since the night and at court but they are making our life's hell.
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    You will never prevail over those zealots.
    Even if you we're millionaires, all you'd be doing is throwing good money to defeat zealots.

    I suggest you start planning your move.
    Until you can move, IGNORE these zealots.
    Your husband should also OBEY that court order.
    As you've observed, you're alone.
    It's your family being bombarded on all sides.
    When things degenerate to where your situation stands today, all you can do is move.
    Moving is troublesome, but eventually it'll restore peace, tranquility, and sanity to your family.
  3. adjusterjack

    adjusterjack Super Moderator

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    I have to agree with Army Judge. I had crappy neighbors once. That I owned my house made it difficult to resign myself to the fact that they would outlive and outlast me. Finally accepted it and moved. Never looked back. 25 years later, the crap family is still there.

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