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Gift fraud?

Discussion in 'Mortgages & Financing' started by grimelli, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    The ONLY person required to SIGN the gift letter was the person who gave the GIFT.

    You signed the IOU.

    Why you did that is NONE of my business.

    If your spouse didn't sign the IOU, he's not responsible for repaying the IOU.

    However, if the donor makes big deal of the IOU, someone is likely to say she didn't GIVE you two the money as a gift, yet that's NOT what she told the lender!

    The person alleging it was a gift would then produce the letter submitted to the lender to prove their allegation that the money was a gift, NOT a loan.
  2. txls

    txls Well-Known Member

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    Your mother signed the gift letter. If your mother takes you to court for the IOU then she is refuting the gift. That would be mortgage fraud.
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  3. Disabled Vet

    Disabled Vet Active Member

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    Your mother can't say " Legally " it was a gift. Then turn around and say it was a loan. She gave a SIGNED gift letter to the mortage company stating " This GIFT doesn't have to be paid back. That is clearly stated on the Gift Letter SHE SIGNED. The letter clearly stated that fact..... as stated above if she takes it to court. There is a good chance that SHE commited mortgage fraud. Good deal that you paid her back at least half of it. Plus you can finish paying her back the rest of it after the sell of the house.

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