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Ga dfac

Discussion in 'Other Family Law Matters' started by Dkwea2011, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. Dkwea2011

    Dkwea2011 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    Hello, i need to know how can i be denied my children when i have done nothing wrong.
    Story: im a nurse i was doing travel nursing, i had a contract but due to negligence within compliance dept i missed the cut off date. No money no bills get paid, we lived in a large camper which i sold, we had a smaller one so o let my children go stay with a friend half mile away. Well the owner of the park we were living called dfacs because the camper was to small for our family. My children only spent 2nites in the little camper and the rest at our friends.
    After few days dfacs showed up, he went into my home, talked to my children, talked to my friends, and left his card. He said all looked good but he will follow up in a week to see where i was staying. Well the day he came i had just came from an interview, i told him i had gotten a job. The following week he calls i tell him where im staying, he ask about my job i again say i have the job and my contract is signed. So he tells me ok come to my office next week, he would call. Well he calls my friends on Friday, says he has been trying to get me. I called him and he asked when was i going to get a job, i said i have one and starting next week, he said to send proof, which i did. I told him we were viewing a home on sunday. He tells me to come to his office on monday or tuesday. I ask what is the reason and he acts different, sentence chops, and changes the subject. Then he says i need to sign over temp guardianship. I ask why he said incase you cant be reached. On nursing we always write up a premission form incase a child needs something when im not accessible, i told him i had that taken care of before he mer me along with making sure they had a place while i arranged my job and housing.
    Today i call mt friends and they tell me if i come they are calling 911, i cant get them. Wait...i talked to the man Friday the day before, he didnt tell me this and i have done nothing wrong. I asked for my kids to stay there while i fixed everything.
    My questions
    Can they forbid me my children if they havent been taken away, no court, no papers, nothing, and call 911 on me?

    Why is he wanting me to come to his office?
    Someone said to sign over my children, another to do drug testing.
    I have monthly drug test i can provide him the last 3months results, more than he could get in an office. I have heard horror stories of false test and losing children from bad test done by dfacs.
    Do they want one and if i say no then i will have to do hair follicle testing?

    Can they accept ones done by professionals i know havent been altered.

    Can they make me sign guardianship over just because he wants to?

    Can they keep them from me by calling 911 its thr weekend and they have nothing stating i cant get them.

    I am not never was going to leave my children there we have never been apart
    I just couldnt sell my camper right away people dint buy because you tell them to.

    Someone help me before i lose my babies for nothing
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    You don't have to comply VOLUNTARILY with DFAC's demands.

    You can say NO.

    You don't have to VOLNTARILY sign anything.
    No court can force you to sign away your children.

    Your children can be taken only if DFAC'S takes you to court, a hearing is held, and you can request a public defender.

    Go get your children.
    It's up to you whether you sign away your babies

    You can't control DFAC'S, only yourself.

    As far as drug tests, only the court can order you toundergo drug testing.

    If you have been abusing drugs, it'll eventually be known, so if its true you might wish to consider rehab.

    I'm just a nobody.

    No need to but, but, but with me.

    I've outlined your options.

    Now you must choose wisely.
  3. leslie82

    leslie82 Well-Known Member

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    So your friends are holding your children illegally? Let them call 911. They don't have custody and those aren't their kids. You also had no obligation to ever talk to child services. You should have told him to leave and talked to a lawyer.

    You don't have to do anything they ask unless they have a court order. You haven't lost your kids. These "friends" of yours you need to never let your kids near them again. You need to just stop talking to that caseworker. I HOPE you didn't sign anything.

    I would definitely go find a lawyer who does free consultations and get some advice.

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