Foster and Adoption



Last year we were trying to adopt a baby. In October of 2015 we received a call from a county run abortion agency asking if we would be interested in fostering and then adopting a new baby born to a homeless mother and father that were on drugs. Being very hesitant we agreed only because the woman at the agency told us that it would be an open and shut case. No other family members wanted the baby. This woman had lost another child (9 years old) that is living with her brother and the father had kids in their twenties that did not want the baby. The agency has been going through all the normal items on the list that needed to be checked before they will take the parents right away completely. The woman's right were taken away a couple of months ago but they are still allowing her to see the baby every 2 weeks. She is also pregnant again but she is denying it. The father has gone through drug rehab and says he has a job and a place to stay. The service worker we had in the beginning told us earlier this year that we will be getting the baby soon because the parents are not doing their part. A little while later they removed her and told us that she was wrong and that they were giving the parent more time. We were told they are performing drug tests, but it is very clear they are high when they come in. I work as a college social councilor so this whole process is not new to me. They have done a psychological test on the father, but he still denies that he has a problem. The social workers tell us now that their main purpose is to bring the family back together. We have had this wonderful baby for a year and have been lied to over and over again about when we will get to adopt him. Last week the father was give permission twice to take the baby for a few hours. He came back with a dirty diaper and dirty clothes on both occasions. We do not even know if he is the real father, and if she have no rights to the baby because she is still doing drug how are they letting the father take the baby when he is still with her. Do we have any right??
Do we have any right??


The baby is on loan to you.

Don't get any more attached. In fact, work on getting unattached because there is so much bureaucratic nonsense going in that I can almost guarantee you an unhappy ending.

Consult an adoption lawyer (that you pay) and see what he says.