FMLA question


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I have a question about FMLA.
I applied for and was granted FMLA in July. I used FMLA for the first time in October. I work for an airline and so procedure is a little different and I was told by crew scheduling to follow up with the Leave of Absence department, which I did. However, there is a company policy that I was not aware of (yes, it procedure policy had been sent to me back when I was accepted) that states that I had to follow up with 24 hours of calling off. So the company would not code my absence as FMLA and I received a "final termination warning" due to my dependability issues (which is why I applied for FMLA in the first place). So, if I am tardy, non compliant in uniform, forget to check in for my trip....anything that I would get dependability "points" for will cause me to lose my job. BTW, the newer and more strict company mandated "points" system went into effect 10/1/15 which was not contractual and is being grieved by out Union. (it was even covered on the Denver news)

My question is:
How can a company policy supersede a federally mandated program which was set in place to protect employees from the exact thing that could possibly happen to me?
I look forward to your advice.

Thank you,

Mary DiBlasi
Flight Attendant