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  1. theefrustrated1978

    theefrustrated1978 Law Topic Starter Guest

    I work at Wal-Mart I have for years been really treated and cause of my severe adhd.i had managers get in my face tell me they don't wanna make them mad.but I an this case it is more of my frustration when they hired 3 young support managers in the first month I had one of them call me to the floor and get in my face in front of 2 orher support managers and a assistant.i felt violate and when he got to close I felt threatened and said what are you going to hit me. later I was called to the office and wrote up.the supports seem to get away with everything they laughed walking by me they were very unhelpful I tended to talk a lot about this to my fellow employees I had to change my med I was calling in getting headaches.i felt the manager above the support managers were like best friends and never got a fair shake.finaly one of the worst of the 3 supports got a job on first shift I had come in to by something and was walking by his department he laughed I went on my way.as I went to the counter I was feeling tired of feeling bad and getting called to the back because someone said I was talking about them.sometimes I was I was treated pretty bad. and when I went to the counter to buy something I said something out of feustration.i said yourblucky you don't work on third shift they just walk around and do nothinf.well the girl cashier dated one of the support manager well I tried to say he wasn't the one I meant but this other guy.but I think she told him and by me saying something about the other guy it made it worse.you should know the main guy I really disliked was very pally with the head manager on the shift a female who was married but I think liked him.but never made an issue.see every time he got mad at someone they were in the office.but what I was wondering can I get fired for what I said off work from someone dating one of the people I said it about
  2. Disabled Vet

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  3. cbg

    cbg Super Moderator

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    I don't know why so many people assume they can't be fired for something they said or did off work. They can. So can you.
  4. leslie82

    leslie82 Well-Known Member

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    Yes. There's no discrimination here. I honestly couldn't even read half of what you wrote though.

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