fired off the clock

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We certainly don't have much information but based on just what you posted - yes. In at will employment, you can be terminated/fired at any time for any reason except a reason prohibited by law (examples - religion, race, gender....) or unless you have a binding employment contract to the contrary.
As a "general statement" that is true though you can't be fired on or off the clock for a reason prohibited by law or if there is a binding employment contract contrary to the termination. I "doubt" any of that applies in this case though.
I guess the "off the clock" means either of two things:

1) Fired for something that occurred during off-hours, not on the job.

2) Being terminated while you aren't technically punched in.

In both instances your employment can be terminated unless you have a contract of employment or other remedy at all. As Betty3 pointed out, your relationship is "at will" which means it's the employer's will that matters, whether he wants to keep you employed or not. He or she can terminate your working relationship for no reason at all, e.g. he or she just wants to find someone else.
My point is that no law exists which says that you have to be on the clock before you can be fired.

Without more facts from the OP, hard to say what, if any, qualifiers might apply. :D
I can agree with that statement, cbg. :)
As a totally uncalled for aside, I don't know many men who would fire you if you were on there.

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I saw it but OP spelled it correctly in title of thread.
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