Fired for coming forward


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I was a manager for a company, I worked with a manager and we managed a crew. I was never manager trained by the company all the way up to termination. My report to manager got mad I wouldn’t turn my head to them leaving and always taking time off without fmla and then they were doing questionable sales tactics. I began building a case to protect myself 3 months into the role when my report to stated I wasn’t a manager yet I was by title of the role. When I asked to transfer upper management wouldn’t allow me to be. When I went to go on vacation I was taken off the schedule and then put back on when I complained. Prior to my vacation a workplace investigation happened and I was forced to be in the same room as my report to when questioned. I came forward and submitted information to compliance and then went to my report to’s Boss to let them know I came forward and wanted to nd transferred, the same day I was given a big raise. I returned from vacation I was given emails that showed the report And their boss recommended my termination but HR stated those submitted reasons were NOT a COBC, the emails also asked had my report to been documenting everything and they said no. Then the emails said to complete an action plan ASAP. When I returned from vacation I was coached on customer complaints but when I asked for names and account numbers to speak to the claims they denied they had access or didn’t remember so they essentially papered my file and kept pushing til they got what what they wanted. They transferred me finally after a second interview was to bring the case to a close. When I was terminated they said that the case had closed earlier in the month. In summary they “closed the investigation 4 different times” I was fired before my wedding. Do I have a case
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You got fired because you ratted out people who were obviously in tighter with the bosses than you were.

There's no case here.

File for unemployment and find another job.

For the future, keep these guys handy as a reminder to do your work, mind your business, see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing.Monkeys - Hear no, See no, Speak no.jpg