Fired for asking for more working hours


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My fiancee' asked her store manager for more hours to work and was granted the hours. The General Manager verbal reprimanded the store manager for not discussing it with her first, and told the store manager if my fiancee' dont like the hours she's given to take her off the schedule. The store manager told the general manager that she will just change the schedule then the general manager told the store manager to just take her off the schedule. I want to know if this is legal, to get fired for no reason
Yes, it is legal. It may not be the best management technique I've ever heard of, but in 49 out of 50 states and sometimes in the 50th, you can be fired because the day of the week ends in Y.
It's not "no reason." Indeed, nothing in the history of the universe has ever happened for "no reason. A dumb reason is still a reason.

Your fiancee' is (or was) almost certainly an at-will employee. That means she legally may quit at any time for any reason and may be fired at any time for any reason that is not expressly prohibited by law (e.g., discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, etc.). What you described is bad management, but it's legal.
Yes it is legal.....

Some other thoughts.....It seems like the person to ask for more hours is not the store manager but rather the general manager. The store manager might have overstepped his/her authority by granting more hours. If your fiancee knew who to ask and tried to do a work around, then I can understand the decision. If not, your fiancee might need to speak to the general manager directly. In the end, there are usually a budgeted amount of hours available and one can't just increase that for employee without the authority to do so. Your fiancee might just be getting caught up in a battle for authority between these two managers.....