False accusation of theft by a Meijer LP investigator

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I worked for Meijer as an Inventory Analyst for over a year.
I was given a civil demand by Meijer LP that stated that I was stopped for damage or theft of property at store 160 on 9-17-09.On Aug 17th, I was approached by two LP staff and asked to come to the office with them. The LP investigator asked me to explain why I had marked a TV down 90% then turn around and buy it. I answered his questions. I did become very upset with this LP investigator when he asked me to write a statement and acted like he wanted me to say I wanted the TV and that's why I marked it down. At one point he asked me why I had placed a sheet over the TV when I came out of the backroom with the TV. There was no sheet over the TV. The shirt that our human resource staff handed me as I came out the backroom with the TV was what I placed across the top of the TV. No covering up was involved. The LP investigator then typed and printed out a statement and asked me to read it and to sign it. I read the statement he handed me. He stated in the report that I knowingly tried to deprive Meijer of merchandise. I told him that I did not try to deprive Meijer of anything and that I was not a thief. The LP investigator made a comment that that's just the way the form is always worded. I refused to sign this statement. The whole time he questioned me I felt that he was accusing me of stealing this TV and that I was being sneaky doing it. At no time was I trying to hide anything!!! I admit I made a stupid mistake, but don't in any way feel I should be punished for theft of property or labeled a thief/shoplifter. I was suspended from work until the investigation was complete. I was asked not to come on Meijer property and that I had to pay a civil fine of $200.00. I was asked to hold a board up and my picture was taken. I was in shock by the time I left the LP office. If LP felt I was a thief, then why did they wait until weeks later to confront me? Why was I not stopped on my way to my car, or the next day confronted. I'm not trying to make any excuses. I did not know it was wrong to purchase an item that you yourself marked down. I do understand how this action does not look right. I never tried to hide what I was doing. I did not mark this TV down just so I could buy it. That never even entered my mind. I was not stealing, being deceiving, or dishonest in any way! I did however make a mistake by not going to my team leader and explaining to him how/why I was marking the TV down. I feel I should be disciplined in some way for my lack of bad judgment. I do not feel that I should be treated and labeled a theft!!!
Update: 9-21-2009
I was called today and informed by my team leader that it was decided to terminate my employment with Meijer. I'm speechless. I will not be labeled a shoplifter by This LP department!!! They talked to no one or asked any other staff about the steps I followed or anything that I said in my statement. Should they talk to other employees when doing an investigation? Can they just say - she marked the TV down and bought it and that's shoplifting? Do I need to sign a grievance through my union? I now feel I have a case for:
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I did not go through that novel you just wrote. I have two suggestions though

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