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...sorry if this is the wrong place to post this thread.

Ive just recently made a fake ID thats pretty legit, but im concerned about the consiquenses of use. I read up a little on it and heard that in Michigan its a felony to creat one, and a misdimeanor to use one. Im obviously a minor and i would be using it to buy tobacco products. I was wondering the chance that someone would actually call the cops and how serious it would be. Any help appriciated :)
Hello. Yes, you can get arrested if caught with a fake ID. My friend got arrested for a fake ID. It is a misdimeaner at least in Idaho to use one. If they find out you made it it could be considered another misdimeaner or felony. I'm not sure, she (my friend) just got busted for using one (she did not make it). Don't do it. It is not worth it. Smoking is bad for you anyway.
The chance of someone calling the cops depends on where you are, how old you look, how convincing you are etc. You may think you have a good fake ID but chances are you will get busted if not the first time you use it then the 5th time. Don't chance it. Don't press your luck. It is not worth it. Not worth the trouble. I have MIP so beleive me I know its not worth the trouble kid.
Some places will seize your ID and call the cops ... others might just seize it and tell you to get lost ... still others might just tell you to get lost.

If you want to risk a criminal record, go right ahead.

- Carl
Not to over play it...........Just don't do it or us it. Destroy it! The effects of using it and getting a criminal record which would affect your whole life is way too much to even consider it.
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