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Hello, unbeknownst to me my ex gf had my iPad which had my Google accounts, e.g., Gmail, Google Photos, Google Keep Notes, etc., signed in. She posted emails, Google assistant recordings and photos to her Facebook account. The posts contained my personal email, my new gf's home address, telephone number and email. What recourse do I have in regards to violation of state and/or federal laws? My ex has since removed the post, will this hinder any legal action?
The ex-girlfriend did login to these accounts without the owner's authorization, in addition to Infringement of copyright too. But regardless of what part of the conduct may have been unlawful as a violation of state and/or federal law, it seems doubtful that the authorities will place any manpower on this case to prosecute given that the information went up and down quickly. Are there any specific damages? You could report the misconduct to the police but what is your end game, especially if you have your iPad back in your possession. If you want to sue in civil court, no one is preventing you from doing so but is this a financially worthwhile endeavor or a law school example?

If you're seeking some type of retribution, the most direct course of action would seem to be going directly to Facebook and reporting the misconduct as a violation of their terms of use. You'll get a better idea of your remedies from their response.