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Exwife Reported to SOCIAL Services & now has received a letter & has 5ds to respond?

Discussion in 'Other Family Law Matters' started by mstennant, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. mstennant

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    My ex wife and I and our two children had a Social Services Child and Family Support Meeting last week at the SS office. I found out that my wife had put a pic of one of her breasts (that has a tattoo) on her myspace page where both of our children can see it. Well we also found out that she let my 11 year old take the pic and put it on myspace. SS mentioned pressing charges but didn't say anything definate. The ss worker stated that she would have to run it by her boss whether they would press charges. And of course her citation that she received for having an ounce of weed came up and her boyfriends extensive criminal and drug background came up since they did a background check on him. My ex-wife acted like it was no big deal to her that she let our daughter take a pic of her breasts and put them on myspace and then changed her story about her boyfriend livging there. She let the kids miss almost 40 days of school the past two years anad 18 days this year of school. The only excuse she has is that "they're sick alot" Now she says that the boyfriend sleeps on the couch. When at first she told them that he doesn't live there. SS also asked my ex if she had ever been sexually molested which she said yes. Why would they ask that? I found out today that they are going to send her a letter. She will have 5 days to respond to this letter. After that I will get a phone call. They will not tell me anything other than that. Why!!!!! I am their father!! What would SS put in a letter to her and give her 5 days to respond to? An ultimatum? Does anyone know?

    P.S. I do have partial custody right now but dont have the money to get full custody. I live in NC.

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