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when and if I am able to expunge/seal my previous record will this eliminate the state prosecution from reviewing my previous no contest/guilty convictions. Also, does my "points" also become removed from my record.:confused:
Two questions: What state are you in and why do you think you deserve an expungment?
Based on one of his prior posts, I'd say the state is FL.

- Carl
Born, raised and lived in Florida all my life. Am I deserving? Yes, I feel so, mainly because of a very adolescent and unwise childhood decision/decisions with which had very little respect for the law. This included criminal activities that create difficult situations when trying to acquire professional careers. The greatest reason of all is so that I will be able to spend the rest of my life with my family. Between my adolescent points and the recent vigilante assault on a disrespectful adolescent(my old school anger management problem), I fear jail time may be in my future. I have begun to fear the outside world. Again I plea for an answer, is it my right to ask the court justice for expungment of my records and does this reduce the number of points I have accumulated.
Very informative website. Thank you so much for the direction. Your help is greatly appreciated....Live long...Happy...and prosperous
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