Roomate Eviction in Oklahoma?

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I rented a house with my friend from one of her friends. The home was not liviable so, we remodeled the home with are own money I put 3,000 in an can prove it with recipts. My friend put 1,000 in an has no recipects. I did mostlly all the labor she did very little. I told her we needed a lease before we did everything to the home. So, while I was working on the home she went an made up the lease I did not sign it even tho it was me who told her an the landlord what to put on the lease over the phone. Legally the lady that made an signed the lease with my friend does not own the house I found that out later. Her mother ownes it. Me and my friend moved in Oct. 01, 2010 an my friend moved out a week later. So, me an my two children have lived in the home since then. My friend an I have had a falling out since then an are not on speaking terms. They are now trying to evict me saying the did not know I was living here. The landlord lives 4 houses down an has been over several times an so, has her mother. They say they want the house so, the can sell it to my friends mother. The lease agreement was to not pay rent until April 2010 an then only $200.00 a mth after that with the option to buy the home if we come up with 6,000 dollars. I go to court on Monday the 1st an do not know what to do. I talked to a lawyer about it two weeks ago an he said I had rights just bring him the eviction notice an he will deal with it. I took it to him an now he says I might put more in to court cost than what it's worth an sugested I move out by court. Court is in 3 days. I need help please any advise would help. An yes I know I'm an idiot for trusting my friend an not going with her to sign the lease.
the fact that they sent u a eviction notice proves you are a tenant and at least allows u the 30 days notice to vacate ( at least u will have 30 days to find new residence)

as far as the rest you are not on the lease, and even in a month to month situation they can evict with proper notice... but i would still call a few laywers and find youre true options.

as to the rent reduction for the repairs u didnt sign that lease which was the binding contract and the contract was signed by youre roomate not you so if they evicted him/her she would have a big leg to stand on as far as refunds, you do not
You have no lease.
The owner's daughter had no authority to sign for her mother.
How do I know that?
Because, the owner is attempting to evict you.
It doesn't matter whether you're a legal tenant or a tenant by adverse possession.
That is how you are occupying the property, adversely.
Once the judge orders you evicted, you'll have a statutory amount of time to leave, voluntarily.
That could be anywhere from 48-96 hours.
After that time passes, and you haven't left, the sheriff or a marshal will come and personally evict you.
Your property will be set on the curb.
The home will be sealed and secured.
So, avoid that drama.
Go to court and just prolong the agony, or pack your stuff and leave.
You did not have the landlord's permission to make any repairs or improvements.
Whatever you did at whatever costs, is lost.
You don't want to hear this, but you have no defense.
the reason i posted the 30 days notice was due to my own personal experiece
i let my brother move in with me, no lease ect
he stopped/refused to pay rent
i had him evicted, he went to court and was then allowed 30 days to find new residence
during which time he made my life miserable lol
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