employer lied to edd that i quit

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I was layoff by my ex-employer due to Reduction In force. I refused to sign any of the paperwork (termination report) my supervisor wrote on the report "employee refused to sign" and then he signed it. I asked for a copy of it & he gave it to me along with my last checks, which were hand written. The Termination Report is an AMSTERDAM fill in the blanks form, which they checked off boxes "Layoff" and "Reduction in Force". That night I filed for UI, received all paperwork, mailed claim form & did the phone interview. A week later I received a Notice of Determination stating that "YOU QUIT YOUR LAST JOB WITH EX BECAUSE OF DOMESTIC REASONS." I mailed the appeal's form & told them "I did not quit. I was layoff. See attached Termination Report." This seems to me, a no brainer. Will the EDD still need a hearing? If so and I win the appeal, how long till I see my 1st check? Can my ex appeal the ALJ? If so would it hold up my checks? Can I sue my ex for Lying? Would the ALJ let my ex give any other reason other than what is on the Termination Report that he gave me that day. Can the ALJ fine my ex for lying to the EDD. This guy has a lot of money and a law firm to do its work.:mad:
Thank you for your reply and answer.

Do you have any answers to my other questions?

I can see after re-reading my short version of my story why someone could say niggardly but that is really not the case. I was trying to get all the info at once so I could know what my options are. It's hard for me to believe that since i have a signed Termination Report that my ex would tell them a lied. I guess I'm wondering if I'm missing something here. I had UI before but never had a ex lie as this one has done.

Again thank you very much for your answer.:angel
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