Employer altering government forms




My employer asked me to fill out the Declaration of Texas Residency form for the Texas Film Commission.

You'll note that the majority of the information on this form depends very much on the "Project Name", the first box on the form. HR instructed employees to fill out this form but leave the project name blank. I didn't want to stick my neck out by asking questions nor put my job at risk so I just did it.

I honestly do not know how my employer will alter the form, so I don't know for certain if I've maybe technically lied on the form. What if they report me as working on a project that started before I was born? Am I suddenly guilty of perjury?

My understanding is that it is not legal for my employer to alter a form above the place where I signed it. Does that shield me from legal repercussion?

What would be an appropriate course of action for me to take?

Thank you for any thoughts on this matter!
Discuss your concerns with your lawyer, or your employer.

I am too dumb to answer what others might do.
If you don't trust someone, don't sign a contract with that person.
If your employer is a crook and you're not, find an honest employer.
Has it occurred to you that perhaps your employer has not yet decided who is working on what project?

I don't see that the majority of the form involves the project name at all. It is far more concerned with whether you live in Texas or not.

Why would your employer indicate a project that they did not intend for you to work on? What would it gain them to indicate a project that started before you were born, unless that project was still on-going and they intended you to work on it?

The employer's actions might be somewhat questionable, but you are seriously overthinking this IMO.
Agreed. More than likely, you might end up working on multiple projects, and rather than gathering paperwork from every employee on every new project, they make copies of this blank master and fill in the project name. There's nothing wrong with that.
Hi all,

Thanks for your feedback on this. I should have pointed out the specific clause that concerns me. At the red arrow that says INITIAL HERE:

I am currently a permanent resident of Texas who has resided in Texas, and have possessed the document listed below, for at least 120 days prior to the first day of principal photography/production on this project.​

I said that most of the document depends on the project name because this clause depends on the project name, and the ID document fields depend on this clause.

I don't know the project name they will put down, so I don't know the first day of principal photography. For this reason it would be very problematic for my employer to just go filling in whatever project name they want on this form.

Perhaps I am overthinking this a bit but as far as I can tell there is some non-zero risk on my part.

Thanks again!
You dated when you signed it so I really don't get the concern. Are you a new TX resident? If you have had a TX license/ID/voter card for more than 120 days when you started working there you are good.

I don't work there so I don't know why they wanted you to leave off the name, but the clear purpose is to verify that the company is using local talent, as opposed to folks they brought in from out of state just for the project. Maybe they haven't decided on a name yet.