Negligence, Other Injury Duty to rescue-- family member

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My Uncle admitted this to me himself, as well as other family members. My father was passed out on the floor without getting oxygen to the brain, my grandfather called 911 when he found him..hours later. My father was in a coma for 6+ months and is now brain damaged (non verbal) His life, as well as mine is forever effected by this. My uncle (my dads brother) was living at the same house at the time; he admitted to me that he found my dad passed out on the floor when he came home from work, and went to bed. When he woke up in the morning and my dad was still on the floor, he did the same and left the house. Leaving my dad there to die. This was 12+ hours that could have saved my father from brain damaged he lives with today. That was 12+ hours of lack of oxygen to the brain, simply because my uncle did not call 911. I have been trying to research what law/charge this would fall under. Thank you.
There is no legal duty to act, investigate, or help required of the average citizen in any state in this of country.

The alleged confession, legally insignificant, extremely easy to deny; if such a law existed.

As the father of a son who languished in a coma for 11 years, eventually succumbing to his injuries, I feel your pain. It broke my heart to see the pain on my wife's face as we would visit him.

There's no one to blame, and miracles do happen. I wish you peace. We've finally received our peace, and we don't blame the resident anesthesiologist who caused our son's brain injury any longer!
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