DUI and potentially illegal search.

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None of the three of you need to give up day jobs.
What??!! You don't like my little poem? I have one for "mature audiences that you might like more....

There once was a poor sack from Lynn
He went to far with the gin
He forgot the blinker
Got tossed in the clinker
Was told to blow
Saw no breathalyzer
Just a rapacious grin
On the face of his bunk mate, Big Bubba

The point being that there is no evidence of who did the ransacking. Might have been the police, might have been someone passing on the street who was checking out the hotel lot for things to steal.
There one was a sad sack from Lynn
Who imbibed greatly of gin
He got stopped by the police
Who told him to cease
They proceeded to toss
His belonging were lost
Oh My, that poor sack from Lynn

Thank You! Thank You very much...
Hahaha. Should I write one of my type of poems for this guy?


I missed all the limericks in this thread so here's the start of one everybody should know so I won't finish it.

"There once was a man from Nantucket."

This is not a lawyer referral service. You can call your state Bar Association, your local Legal Aide or any law schools in your area for names.
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