Alcohol & Drugs: DUI, DWI Drug test upon county jail incarceration

Asap rocky

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So I got my 2nd dui ando am sentenced to some time to think about my mistake in jail. I did have weed in my possession at the time of arrest which was documented in the arrested summary but I was not charged with possession. The only offense the police charged me for was speeding and dui (alcohol). I have heard from 3rd party sources that the jail drug tests you and if you fail you go back to court and charged with maximum sentence. Is this true? And if I wasn't convicted of drug charges why wouldn't they just give me breathalyzer? I do smoke weed and stopped a few days ago but I gotta turn myself over to jail in 12 days an will surely will fail drug test. If you have insight into this please let me know. Thanks.
There's nothing we can do, but guess.

If you were booked into a Texas jail with weed on you, you'd be charged with the felony offense of bringing contraband into a jail.

I suppose you'll just have to wait and see what happens next.
As noted, you will have to wait & see what happens. You might want to consider discussing with a lawyer.