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Double dipping Breaking a Lease

Discussion in 'Commercial Landlord & Tenant Issues' started by Osu2007, Sep 9, 2014.

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  1. Osu2007

    Osu2007 Law Topic Starter Guest

    I signed a one year lease in August and will be moving in late September due to personal issues. The lease agreement stated that I must give a 60 notice as well as pay an early termination fee for the months I have paid rent for. I have paid August and Septembers rent, will be charged October and a portion of Novembers rent (to reach the 60 days), and pay a fee for the months of August and September. The leasing office has said that this will be their only 1 bedroom apartment and it will rent very quickly. My concern is that once it is rented of, the leasing agent will be collecting rent from me as well as the new tenets. Is this legal in the date of Florida? Should I only have to pay until it is rented out?
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    Read your lease to be sure of what you signed on to do.
    By breaking the lease, you normally pay a penalty.
    If you're worried about the landlord double doing, don't move out until the money you'll pay has run out.that way, once they learn the new fish can't swim into the pond, they might be willing to negotiate with you. If they do offer some remediation of rent and fees, get it in writing and signed.

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