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Divorce & Custody while disabled

Discussion in 'Divorce, Separation, Annulment' started by maberryrfd, Mar 26, 2002.

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  1. maberryrfd

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    I have been disabled since July 2000 through a bizarre combination of accidents and illnesses, the most significant being a shattered right leg. Most recent report is that I need a bone graft. Unfortunately SSDI has not yet approved diability benefits. During the prior ten years I produced 70% of family income, including 3 years during which Husband was unemployed. I also did 90% of the housework, about 80% of childrearing and 100% of bill paying.

    Since my first incident, husband has become incredibly angry and abusive. He's had to be provider, provide most care and transport while I was restricted to wheelchair, and pick up some of the housework and childrearing. Kids and I have become afraid of him and want to get out of situation, but don't know how since I have no income.

    Further complicating this is that both I and my husband have histories of mental illness (me: depression; he: anger control). I've been seeing Psych and taking meds conscientiously. He refuses to do so. I'm worried that my ongoing treatment could jurt chances of custody of 2 boys (9 & 7).

    QUESTION: How can I pursue divorce and not lose kids or home (I owned before marriage). What should I do?


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