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Discussion in 'Division of Marital Property' started by NewMimi4, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. NewMimi4

    NewMimi4 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I got a divorce in Hardeman County. The General Sessions Judge was my husband's lawyer in the divorce. He was warned by my lawyer under my advice that it was against Judicial Code. The General Sessions Judge had just signed an order of protection against my husband and son. He had to because I went to the Courthouse and I had visible bruises. The ladies at the General Sessions office asked me about my bruises and I told them the truth. Just weeks later the Judge took my husband as a client in my divorce. Also I had been fasley arrested by the Hardeman County SHERRIFFS Department. I had played 12000.00 for my younger son to go to rehab. I was upset because my son was charged with aggravated Assualt and he need anger management. He was not charged with a drug charge and this made no sense. To my surprise they let him out for a weekend furlough. Days after he was there about 20 Hardeman County Cops showed up at my house. They acted like they were arresting him and taking him back to rehab. We paid for a years stay at Jocova in Jackson, Tn. Instead Thy returned him back to my house with a cast on his leg. He first admitted the Sherriff Department beat him up in lie of finishing his sentence. Then he got scared and tried to say he broke his leg riding his motorcycle. 1. Motorcycle was broke. 2. Why would th SHERRIFFS Department pick him up to go motorcycle riding? 3. I didn't give 12000.00 for a years stay and I wound up with him, no help was ever given to him. Within a few days The Hardeman County Sheriff's Department showed up at my house. I thought that they were there to return my son back to rehab. Instead they arrested me. Verbal Assault for talking my son he could not come into my house unless he abided by my rules. How could they arrest me when the defentdent was supposed to be in jail and rehab. My son and had altercation I was pushed down and had a massive heart attack and stroke. Again about 20 cops showed up with no search warrant or anything. They charged me with Verbal Assault on an 80000.00 bond. For three weeks they refused me medical help. Finally on my Court date arrived I plead not guilty. As I should have. The JUDGE argued with me, breaking Judicial Code. He let me out on No Contest. When I got home the effects of the heart attack and strike took its toll. I was rushed to the Hospital and had to have emergency Heart Surgey. I also lost a Job Interview making 70,000.00 a year because of the false arrest. I was the victim not a perpetrator.Thats when the General Sessions Judge took over my divorce. Afraid I would sue them for not receiving medical help while under the SHERRIFFS Department Care. In the divorce I list over 250,000.00 dollars in dissipation. I'm totally disabled because of their neclect, in soo many ways. What to do. They have another case open plus several others for neclect. What to do? Now disabled and totally Judicially harassed for things I never did and I didn't break the law they did. HELP ME PLEASE. They killed another inmate Brian Christopher. A nationwide known wrestler. They Hardeman County needs to be accountable for my disability and dissipation in my divorce. They cost me everything. My divorce was totally illegal and I was Judicially Harassed, beat, lied on, etc,
    only because I caught their hand in my cookie jar.
  2. justblue

    justblue Well-Known Member

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    Your situation is well beyond what an advice site can help with. You really need to bring this to an attorney.

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