dispute with my month to month landlord

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I just moved into a townhouse with my husband. We have both been here gor a month. Recently over a dispute over the fact that my husband worked for the landlord's. Condtruction company, because we gave away the refrigerator of previous roommates due to the fact they absndonedit, however, as we found out later, the Frige did not belong to the roommates but to the landlord himself which the landlord paid $80 to replace. My husband worked for him for 10 hours, but he refuses to pay my husband anything at all as if my hudband is indebted to him anove the worth of that refrigerator. We tried contacting them through emails and by phone calls with no response. So we are upset with them. They are unjust and are liars. Finally after 3 weeks of trying to find out about the check my husband was supposed to have been paid for the work he did, realizing they were intending to not pay my husband for his work, my husband wrote an email that they did not like regarding his wages, which did get an angry response. They think my husband is trying to scam them. Everything has been above board though. We have all of the emails plus phone recordsbproving that.
To my question...the landlady/wife has decided that she does not like us and wants us OUT! She called my grandma's business to speak with her. She was not there. I have no problem with her speaking to my grandma since she is my emergency contact and pays the rent. However though, her name is not on the lease. But my grandma was not there, so she spoke to my aunt. My grandma told me this and said that the landlady told my aunt that she no longer wants us here so we have to move, and should my grandmasend next month's rent, she will reguse to accept it and will send it back.
I am upset because she is discussing our personal budiness with others.
But also, we have not done anything wrong! We have a lease. We signed it and have contacted them several times to return it to them.
We are excellent tennants. We pay our rent on time and my husband has made many repaird to this place for free. Over a personal dispute, can she do that? Can she legally make us leave?? Whqt can we do to get back at her??
Thank you for yoyr time and consideration in this very important matter!
If she wants you out, she will have to evict you.
Only a judge can order you to be evicted.
If she starts an eviction, it can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks, or more.
If she hasn't signed the lease, you are month to month tenants.
If you're smart, you don't want an eviction on your record, or the start of one.
Best thing to do is find a new place to live.
Otherwise, there is little you can do but delay the inevitable.
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