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Hi to All,

I have 4 questions with a great need to be answered. Heres a little history on me, I was caught with theft at ex-employer 3 yrs ago, police was called, report taken but i was not booked nor fingerprinted. I was let go and 1 month later, i received a letter form the county court, stating that the D.A has decided to charge me with misdemeanor embezzlement. Fast forward, i was approved for diversion class and was told by my lawyer that when once i complete diversion, charges will be dismissed. I saw the court report that shows my charge reduced from misdemeanor embezzlement to petty theft. Needless to say, the charge was dismissed and i went on with my life.

Six months after, i applied for US citizenship and USCIS had to do a criminal check on me, i supposed the charge was not shown because i received my naturalization certificate. I am currently employed at another employer, which is a big corporation, which required a passing background check. I am happily employed for the past 3 yrs.

1st question: I am about to be promoted and i require a live-scan fingerprint check , will those criminal info/charges come up.

2nd question: What does a 'dismissal' means in criminal law terms? Does it mean i was arrested but not charged?

3rd question: I am considering expungement but yet have been advised that since i received a dismissal disposition, i dont have to expunge as im nt guilty.Is that true? Do i need expungement?

4th and last question: I looked up my own court record and it showed that:' case dismissed,info sub. to doj' 'criminal case aging'
What does that mean? 'DOJ' means department of justice?

I know that i have a lot more questions than other forum users but i think that i might get a better answer if i give as much info as i can.
Thank you again for reading and i appreciate it.
In what state? The answer vairies...........
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