Disability -STD


New York

I have a question that I could never gotten an answer from my superior. They always give me the anawer "I don't know, you need to go check and see".

I was on STD, and my STD ended on 8/30/2017. My doctor didn't approve me to return to work at that time. And I had been contacting my HR regarding the extension. After a 7 weeks back and forth with HR trying to find out if I can get an extension, unfortunately, the Disability Management told me I wasn't quality for the extension. I wasn't getting any wages for that whole 7 weeks and had to force to return to work. I work for a giant retail company in beauty industry and always have to be standing, walking for long period. I'm having difficulty at work due to my medical conditions - both knees injuries and shoulder surgery from the fall. My doctors order me work 3-4 days per week till recovering. I submitted doctor note to Disablility Management and got approved to work 4 days out of 5.

My question is -

Do I get cover by STD for that one day? My manager just told me that because I only work 4 days/week and only got pay 4 days worth of work.

Please help me. If anyone has experience in this or any expert can help me with the answer. I appreciate it very very much.

Merry Christmas.


Generally there is no partial STD - you are either totally off or back to work. Your 4 days pay (80%) will actually be greater than most STD pat (66%)