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Customer Service Representative's rights

Discussion in 'Discrimination & Sexual Harassment' started by oncall, Aug 15, 2008.

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  1. oncall

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    I am almost 22 years old and work in customer service. I have worked in customer service now for nearly three years. I have heard a lot of commercials online about protecting consumer rights when it comes to harassing phone calls and abuse, profanity, and threats, but there's never any mention of protection for employees.
    If I am receiving excessive harassment from certain customers, what rights do I have, and what protection? I am not allowed under threat of termination to hang up on an abusive customer, nor do we have a form or incident report I can fill out for someone who has been especially nasty. We are forbidden from putting in our notes that a customer has used abusive language or profanity, other than to say 'customer was irate and/or frustrated" when some individuals are racist, sexually vulgar, demeaning, profane, and awful in ways that defy description. They frequently are the ones who are eager to let us know they're filing lawsuits against our client for various reasons real and outrageous, but I want to know when it's our right to take a stand.
    My employee guide for codes of conduct state that our client and my employer, a call center, will protect us from profane and abusive customers, but if I go to a manager to report that I'm being abused, they just look at it as part of the job and will rarely actually take the call. If they do, it's never to defend me as an employee and the customer is never reminded of the fact that we are there to help them. It is inhumane and demoralizing. A human being should not be subjected to such ignorant abusiveness, and I'm sickened by it. Is there anything I, as an employee of a call center which is known not to be the most positive work environment, can do? I like my job and genuinely enjoy helping people, but if I have absolutely no caring or support from my employers. They just tell me it's a part of the job and I either deal with it or I don't and too bad, don't take it so personally. Is there anything that can be done?

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