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Criminal dispute family

Discussion in 'Moving In & Out, Movers' started by S.b.9426, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. S.b.9426

    S.b.9426 Law Topic Starter Guest

    Criminal complaint filed against me and believe there is a conflict of interest of attorney that represents me in said case..my x bf.. whom is a disabled veteran hired this attorney ..and is also the attorney on his existing unresolved divorce .which said criminal complaint issued against me and mother. And said divorce case . Is in said case resides in same county...my bf @Time who had offered on his own free will paid said attorney...after the fact .of hired and predisposed amount being paid...he had been very interrogatorive through out the remaining time of consensual/toxic.. relationship...i later found out of his own psychological issues.. as well as the recording of him and I arguing but never record his abusive behavior...having conversaitions with the attorney via text or phone ...breaching confidentiality and disclaimer of shared information ..knowing in knowing of my prior lifestyle and life changing experience within the entertainment industry and " breaking the life " circumstances if my family history ..said mother sister family in Arizona ect....also haveing said time living at my mother's ...my phone was stolen prior to incident....with the matter of my bf first broke my phone. ..then had purchased new one to replace...since that his information was shown on my device ..vise versa his apple phone and computer...I then had notoced my Google Yahoo .and Facebook counts hacked and conversation...pictures and my own personal information stolen...also my mother whom is investigation for sealing my personal informationand using it for her benefit... as well as property.y eats prior ...via my ..hen just public humiliated me by throwing my things out in the middle of gas station parking lot in place in town..... different than place from where him n I lived together...he had offered for me to move in ..total relationship length. 4mo....and is awkwarly very friendly with community..he had always threatened me with retribution with his "friends" held "well" in his community...the attorney is now after the fact of me realizing the situation in a way...of maybe conflict....is withdrawing from case and perusing the divorce case....how is this legal..knowing the situation at hand with trying to cover rest of the finances due prior. .to my separate civil lawsuit against same county in which ..whole county and law enforcement are aware of the potential value of land or total of damaged previously won by default judgment in case...the judge is same judge is on this case...#16-cr-0075
    Also the incident is falsified being the 911caller is my sister ..we never got along... and is power of attorney of my mother ..who is bad in health... her testimony also is altered by health circumstances...sister and boyfriend had spoke over the phone once before also had been talking via his "secret Facebook" .she had denied the amount and coercion paperwork filed as well as spoken x conversation with detective and 911call ....there has been communicated contact via...all of persons involved..plus boyfriend's mother..."wife"x-wife....the dective... prosecutor and judge on case... as well all as myotjer sister..family and police/dective in his town in which 3 months there I lived with him.......the previous attorney is now telling me he will relinquish to the county attorney office 2500 of the bond .or previously paid amount to the new attorney if I so wish to hire one .
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    You need a real, licensed attorney in your county.
    Strangers on a discussion board are unable to help you.
    Your issues are too complicated, too serious, too complex, too confusing.

    Good luck

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