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I need some information, about a year ago, 3 persons entered my home and assaulted my fiance, they had cut her up pretty bad.
When the local police showed up, they had the television crew from "cops TV" in tow.
The police entered my home, and" I " asked the television crew to stay out. They ignored my request and entered my home w/cameras rolling. I once again told them to turn off the camera, and I was asked to leave by the police, as my home was now a crime scene. I went out on my patio, a few minutes later, the camera man and the sound man came out.
Now to top it off, the cameraman told me not to worry about it, it would not go on the local news, they only film for entertainment. My fiance was stripped nude, and bleeding in the bathtub when they came in filming.
What can I do about this ? How can they get away with entering my home when told not to ? They should NOT be allowed to get away with this crap. After all the medical expenses, we can hardly afford an attorney at this time. Can somebody help me, these guys need to be sued and stopped from doing this :mad:
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