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I am a convicted felon for forgery and am now going to school to become a registered nurse but have run into a huge problem. I might not get my license because my conviction, i have completed my probation got released early and have a certificate of good releif from disablilties my question is, is there any way to have my conviction reduced to a misdemnor now that all is said and done? I really want to pursue my education but am really limited right now and confused as to what my options are?
Yes, an expungement attorney can get it reduced to a misdemeanor or perhaps seal it completely. That is, unless it's a federal felony. Move quickly and get this done before sitting the state board. It's wrong that a person should pay for their entire life.
Been there...

Went thru a similar problem...I had a misdemeanor on the federal level...from when I was much younger...went thru whole process of expungement ..had the hearing ...but was told by federal judge at the hearing that they do not do them on federal level...when I applied for my nurseing licensee I had to submit extra paper work explaining it...that all obligations were satisfied, and three letters of recomendation as to character...hope this helps
Thank you everyone, how do i know if its a federal felony? Its forgery thats all i know off the top of my head i need to find out though from the sounds of it and where do i contact an expungment attorney?

When I went thru the process, I rember that the lawyer has to be one that is capable of appearing in a Federal courtroom...guess there are diffrencies in procedures...and what surprised both the attorney and myself was the way they handled it...mine was just a misdemeanor for a stupid teneage stunt that just happened to be on federal property....they sent enough goverment lawyers to oppose it that you would have thought I killed someone high up or something... even the judge questioned the other lawyers why they were makeing such a big deal
Bottom line is ...your resources are limmited as were mine....the goverment has lots of lawyers that they can just send, they have unlimitted resources so it seemed
I have a friend that is also a convicted felon, and got her nursing license. This was in NY. She was able to get her civil rights restored, and once that happened, she was able to move on with the licensing.
all great to know thanks everyone i have contacted a lawyer just waiting to hear back from him i dont believe my felony is a federal offense i think its just a county offense and i do have my rights restored already i applied for a certificate of relieif from disabilities and was granted it from the judge that sentenced me becuase i have done my time i am just worried aboutbeing able to get my RN licnese so i am going to go ahead and see what this lawyer says if he wants more then i can afford then i will just pray that the board of nursing lets me have my licnese i will let you all know as soon as i know more thanks again everyone
These answers aren't bad but they aren't complete either. First, did you go to federal court or state court? Where was your offense? If you had a federal crime you went to federal court, your case would have been The United States of America v. YOU. If it was a state felony it would be State of Georgia v. you, or whatever state you were in.

Contact the Nursing Board and see what they think of your particular situation. Forgery may be ok, it probably will depend upon the amount of time since you were convicted.

If you liked your attorney (the one that represented you for your crime) contact him/her and ask if they can go back to court now that you are through and reduce it to a misdemeanor. I sort of doubt that or expungement if it has not been many years ago. An easier thing is getting your civil rights restored. Look up your state and Civil Rights Restoration. It always looks good to have the State give your rights back. Good luck.
Thanks JHarris....I went to county court if that matters at all. I contacted a lawyer but had no luck he said htat he doesnt think they will expunge it but he wasnt completly sure so he told me to contact a full time criminal lawyer to find out for sure. I do have my rights restored and will make a call to the nursing board soon so that i can ask what they think thats a great idea thanks. will keep you all posted and if you find out anything else please keep me posted thank you everyone very much
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