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I want to know if their is a way to stop the process of relinquishment. I agreed in court because my lawyer told me that would be best and i would still be in my daughters life. I did sign one paper however i didnt sign the actul form for relingish. St .Franis was involved and were trying to prove me unfit and terminate my rights. My lawyer also advised if i went that route then they couldnt terminate rights of other children that werent involved in case. I only made the aggreement because i was told i would get to b apart of her life. Now the aunt will not let me have visitation or even speek to me. She said she cant untill adoption is final. She also it was the state the ordered to do so , not st.fances. please help
I'm sorry, your post isn't very clear at all.

I'm reading that you are terminating your rights as part of an adoption, you were told you could see the child afterwards, and now the Aunt is not allowing any contact?

If that's the case, you really need to speak to an attorney because for the most part, "open adoption" agreements which allow the ex-parent to see the child are not enforceable.

This is from a Kansas adoption website:

Will Kansas enforce "open" adoptions?

No. There is no legal authority to enforce promises made to the birth family for visits, contact, or communication. After an adoption, the adoptive parents have the final authority on whether to permit contact with the child's birth family. Any promises made to the birth family cannot be legally enforced. Nonetheless, an adoptive family can voluntarily permit contact with the birth family. Many adoptive families feel morally bound by promises made to the birth family before the adoption, even though their agreements cannot be legally enforced.

In other words, they can't force the new family to let you see the child.
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