Chronic Tardiness

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It is obvious that you desperately want someone to say, Yes, given that you have ADD, it's all right for you to come in late whenever you want.

>>>>>It is OBVIOUS??? *shakes head in dis belief*

Unfortunately, that is simply not the case.

>>>>>Nor should it be, Unfortunately, your missing the point my friend.

Now, let me ask you something.
>>>*leans toward my monitor to listen carefully*
At what time did you say to your employer, "I am seeking an accommodation (corrects spelling) under the ADA" or words to that effect? Hint - telling them that you have such and such a condition is NOT generally sufficient to put them on notice that an accommodation (corrects spelling) is required.

>>>>>>@10:30 on July 24 09' I told them the day I interviewed. BUT, I know I know my bad, did not use the ada declaration nor told them the accommodation was (Gawd forbid) "required"

BTW, right to work means that you cannot be force to join a union to get work. It has nothing whatsoever to do with your situation.

>>>>>>>>>> thats correct, right to work and "at will" are often spoken together and this is obviosly related to AT WILL employment not RTW.

This seems like the parent room for some reason. Let me be clear, I think this makes for great "critical" thinking. I could give a shit if anyone here tells me its ok to be late. I can NOT believe for the life of me you would use the word OBVIOUSLY. You confirm for the masses that opinions can and will be debated....BUT, one can not debate someone's EXPERIENCE. You can relate to it or NOT but you can NOT debate it. OBVIOUSLY! *slaps knee laffin*

anyway,,,,,,,,,,,where were we?
Okay, since you've got all the answers you don't need us. Have a good evening.
Okay, since you've got all the answers you don't need us. Have a good evening.

Dang, somebody needs a nap.

I dont have all the answers but I am not going to rollover and pee on my belly like a puppy when a moderator of all the people, ask questions in the negative, are condescending, and have their mind made up LONG before the discussion ever started.
Even the thread started with an attempt to flame me. Once Wingnut and Clueless realized it wasnt my first rodeo, things began to settle down. You are correct though, I DONT need you nor will i knead you.
It takes very little to be bold behind the monitor even less when your among your cronies on a forum.
Just remember there are tons of people that lurk and never once post for fear of the onslaught. This should be a forum or attraction not promotion as there may come a day when you sit here among all the yes men and what do you get from that?
Continuous sunshine makes for a desert, we all need a little "weather" to grow. More times than not, if I get angry it is rooted in self-centered fear. For example, when someone pulls out in front of me on a side street, it can and does, piss me off. You know why? Because it scared me. There have been times that for me, fear can be an easier animal to train if I hang the mask of anger from its nose. If you dont like, or just cant handle, the challenges coming from outside.... at least challenge the man in the mirror.
And once again, thanks for reminding me, I dont need you.
Merry Christmas Ya'll
Not open for further replies.