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My nephew was operating a motorcycle, in Ohio, with a loaded gun stored in motorcycle.
He is an Indiana resident. Has a CCW permit, that just expired. Was initially stopped for speeding.

Was arrested and charged with a felony,..
Improper Handling Of Loaded Firearm, IN A VEHICLE. It was stored IN his motorcycle storage compartment, not easily accessible.

Any experiences with such charge?
The Buckeye Firearms Association has a page addressing Ohio gun laws. Study up.

Ohio Gun and CCW Laws | Buckeye Firearms Association

The NRA also has a summary of Ohio gun laws:

NRA-ILA | Ohio Gun Laws

Your son needs an Ohio gun rights lawyer ASAP, no matter what it cost. Not a regular lawyer, not a public defender. He's got some serious s--t coming down on him that only a specialist can handle.

Google Ohio gun rights lawyer for the city in which he is being prosecuted.

Also have your son check with Indiana CCW renewal process and see if the CCW can be renewed retroactively to the expiration date.
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The offenses you describe sound appropriate for the situation.

He did not have a CCW permit if it was expired. He was illegally transporting a loaded firearm.

The more recent the expiration the better- it might earn him a lesser charge. He might not ever get a CCW again though.

My only question- if he was stopped for speeding, how was the firearm discovered? I assume he notified the officer, not thinking anything of it.
I have never allowed an insurance policy to lapse, failed to renew my drivers license, my passport, my disabled license plate, or any other license for that matter.

It saddens me to see so many adults failing to fulfill minimal requirements to live unfettered lives in the United States of America.

I've said it to hundreds of clients I've represented over the years, life is simple if you do the simple things to keep the government out of your business.

Many people allow themselves to be ensnared by not taking care of business.

Each time I see this, my wonder and amazement towards our ancestors who gave us this republic increases, as does my appreciation for the challenges they overcame along the way.

I pray our inability to do simple things doesn't cause us to lose the greatest gift ever bestowed upon humanity.
What is really bad... In indiana they offer a LIFETIME hand gun licnese. Once my kids turned 18 i did two things. Filed for their handgun permit and filed for a credit card for them.
This guy needs a really good lawyer.
He has secured the services, of a well respected, gun rights attorney. Will update the outcome of Tuesday's pre-trial conference.