Negligence, Other Injury Can I take action against a fast food restaurant for bacon on my vegetarian order?

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I've been a vegetarian for over a decade, and sometimes order Burger King's veggie burger. After the second bite I realized it tasted kind of funny, and double checked the patty from the bottom to make sure it was a veggie burger. I took a third bite and spit it out, realizing that it was bacon (it's been years so long since I've eaten meat the flavor is totally unfamiliar to me).
I rechecked the receipt and it doesn't say bacon, and since it's a vegetarian burger and an item that probably isn't ordered very often I feel like adding bacon was done on purpose. I've been to that restaurant many times before and they've never mixed up an order (for example, the veggie burger doesn't come with onions, and I've never received one that has had onions, so I feel like they're pretty adept at making the sandwiches correctly), which makes me feel like the action was deliberate.
Are there cameras in fast food kitchens that could show the employee doing it on purpose? What should I do about it?
Return the food, ask for a replacement.

That's all you're going to get.

There's no conspiracy here and you haven't won the lawsuit lottery.
I wouldn't return to that restaurant.

If you're looking for compensation, forget it.

You could go in and speak with the 13 year old manger (who's working her way through the 8th grade), I suppose.

She'll probably offer you a crappy apology and a coupon good for a free order of fries.

This is a nothing case, other than an apology and a few bucks on a gift card.
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