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Can I still fire my accident lawyer?

Discussion in 'Accidents, Injuries, Negligence' started by TJaradi94, May 3, 2017.

  1. TJaradi94

    TJaradi94 Law Topic Starter Guest

    Last February my family and I got into an accident, we hired an accident lawyer that was recommended to us and since then things have been bad. The lawsuit has lasted over a year and every time we've needed to talk to our lawyer they are either never available or we don't hear back from them for weeks. They never keep us updated on the case and we are the only one that ever calls them. Last week, we had to call them and they told us that they finally reached a settlement and they were going to call us back in a few days. They never called us back, we had to call them to find out that they're trying to get us $15,0000 each but after their fees we will be left with $3000. They settled and decided on the amount without asking us if it would be okay or enough for a car. My family has been without a car for a year! I do not think that everything they did is worth that much money since they were never there for us. There were several times we had to speak to the insurance company ourselves and they said they hadn't heard from them in months! Is it too late to fire these lawyers and go with someone else? Will we still have to pay?
  2. army judge

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    Talk to several other lawyers.

    The new lawyers will advise you if its possible to terminate your relationship with the current lawyer.

    If your current lawyer settled a lawsuit without your approval, I suggest you report that to this agency:

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