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Can I leave?

Discussion in 'Other Family Law Matters' started by Princess-L, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. Princess-L

    Princess-L Law Topic Starter Guest

    Can I leave my moms house at 17 with my baby I would be going to live with my boyfriend. What can she do to try and get me to come back?
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    Let's say your birthday is on May 1st.
    At ONE SECOND after midnight on May 1st of this year, you can leave your mother's home with your baby and all of your stuff.

    You can go anywhere you want, and where someone wants you.

    If you try that before May 1st, it'll just complicate your life.

    I won't say how, just take my word for it and wait until your 18th birthday.
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  3. cbg

    cbg Super Moderator

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    Yes, you can leave. The very SECOND you turn 18, you can go anywhere you like.

    As long as you are under 18, though, you live where your mother says you live. If she says you live at home with her and not with your boyfriend, then guess what - you live at home with her and not with your boyfriend. 17 is still a minor - it is not, as a former poster used to say, 18 lite.

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