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can a pfa be appealed twice? i NEED help with this

Discussion in 'Protective & Restraining Orders' started by Willy77, May 19, 2017.

  1. Willy77

    Willy77 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    long story short.. i posted in (trespassing/harassment) a few days ago.... i had a ex stop by and discover i had female company...4am.. she beat the doors down for a hour .. self documented the entire thing as well as engaged in incriminating text conversation the following day.....rock solid .. no doubt evidence.... but 2 days later when she showed me a sceen shot of my guests license plate information i decided to involve law enforcement .. she was called amd notified of harassment ant trespassing warrant,,, got processed and went straight to the courthouse and filed the most insane pfa petition.... 5 days later we had court .. she paid for a lawyer!! not only did she win on the terms that i sent her a video of me with another female as to say ""im not desperate ....you need to stop trying to rekindle"" the commissioner asked her lawyer if they wanted more time .. he asked how much? she said 2 years if they wanted it..... why does this absolutely suck for so many reasons?? i waterfowl hunt... 2 years no hunting with my pup.. on top of that.. i wasnt able to submit any evidence in court... on top on the fact that her petition mentioned 3 instances ...7th...15th..and 20th which her lawyer spoke about thoroughly... i cross examined ... 2 out of the 3 which were "30 unanswered concerning texts"" which she says in the petition 2 days later she reached out..court?? sometime between the 8th and 12th... reality was 40 min after the last text she responded with ""will you come over or can i come to you""? keep in mind we dated for 3 months .....on top of that i had the texts that showed her response .. my response and the texts of her saying """im glad you came over""ect....2nd instance was me wanting to talk after she stopped by at 4am and earned a trespassing harassment warrant...3rd was (after i filed a warrant) her reaching out inviting me over and me denying her .. sending the vid of me with another female ... the following day she was processed and filed a pfa... i appealed it... AND LOST!! not only could i not address the 3 instances she and her lawyer did ....i had to operate in a 2 day time frame when they operated in the 13 day...3 instance time frame her hand written petition mentioned... but i couldnt for some reason sumbmit aaaannnny evidence that would easily disprove ......

    1)i can not believe the court hearing was so amazingly 1 sided
    2) i cant believe my appeal was denied with all of the absurd courtroom formality abuses
    3) her charges for stopping by my house.. and self documenting a psychotic episode out of jealousy and rage ,, was dropped ,, and the tone from the prosecutor was as if i was the one acting "above the law"
    4) i know it has to be within 30 days of the hearing.. and my denied appeal was... my question is can i appeal again??? for the simple fact that i can go waterfowl hunting next season........ in no way shape or form did i want contact after i filed the warrant .. which was 3 days before her phelonious pfa filing....

    ((on a side note.. when i spoke to the prosecutors supervisor for the court of common pleas harassment and trespassing case that was dropped.... she VEEERRYY tentatively said if the appeal went through she would entertain bringing charges of falsely filing a pfa... and based on the entire vibe from the prosecutor and her ... was something they didnt want to do to this sweet sweet angel<<<))

    although my lawyer didnt want to use all the text threads i had to prove the petition to be false.. i still have them and i know for sure without a doubt if i could get them in front of a judge there would be a entirely different tone to this pfa ,,, as well as the character of the filer.....

    i might be naive in thinkinking i can get the proof in front of the right people ..esp after a failed appeal .... i just need to know how naive

    thank you in advance

    also.. if i find out its legal... i will post the hand written petition and the text threads that disprove it
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    You can only takeonebite of the apple.
    I suggest you discuss any other strategies with your attorney.

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