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biological dad, no contact

Discussion in 'Paternity Law & DNA Tests' started by singlemom3747, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. singlemom3747

    singlemom3747 Law Topic Starter Guest

    I have not heard from my 3 month old daughter's biological father since August of last year when I told him I was pregnant. He knows she is his, but paternity has never been legally established and his name is not on the birth certificate or any records. NO contact has been made. How long does it have to be before I can terminate his rights? What are the rules on adoption? I'm sure he doesn't want anything to do with her (he attempted to bully me into an abortion), but I would just feel more at ease once this matter is settled.
  2. KatDini

    KatDini Well-Known Member

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    You can't terminate his rights. The only rights he has (at the moment) are the rights to file to establish his paternity, parenting time and child support. In fact, he can file in court to establish his rights at any time, up until the child reaches majority.

    If you are unmarried, there is not going to be an adoption unless you plan on giving up your rights as well.

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