Roomate Best way to kick deadbeat roommate

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Location: Fairfax County in Virginia

I need to kick a guy out of my apartment, I am the leaseholder, his friend is a tenant(Bryan) on the lease. The deadbeat(Alex) is not on the lease, it was a verbal agreement where he was to stay 2-3 months which is now running on 7 or 8 months. Rent was to be $500/month, I was never paid that much.

I want to have the second one out as well, ideally not now but a few months after the deadbeat is kicked.

What's the best way to do it?

Considering he's a deadbeat and spineless I wouldn't be surprised if he made false accusations to try and get me kicked out of the apartment (My friend's ex-wife in California claimed he was physically abusing her and he was asked to step out of the premises by the police for a month or something like that). What defense do I have against this? I wouldn't be surprised if his friend who is listed as a tenant decided to collaborate with his bs stores. Or even started stories of his own.

Protecting my property, pretty much everything in the apartment is mine, I have even provided furniture to these guys in their rooms such as beds, closets, dressing tables, TVs, and I have plenty of other things outside their rooms which are valuable too. And my prize possession... my car.

I don't know them too well, other than my neighbor vouched for them and she is a pretty nice lady. I have a pretty clean record and have alot of doors opening up for me (college student) and I don't want to ruin things for myself.
Read your lease. You might have to discuss this with your landlord. Why?
Because you might not have the authority to evict him. Evicting him through the court system is the only way to get him out legally.

Google "EVICTIONS YOUR COUNTY, VA" for detailed instructions.
If he's clever and discovers you have no authority to evict him, that defense will get your case dismissed.
If you can't evict him, your landlord will have to do it. If your landlord has to evict him, he won't be happy.
In some cases, your landlord will evict you for subletting. Subletting is often prohibited by your lease.

Good luck.
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