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We are being sued by a car salesman after taking a test drive in a car and apparently injuring the salesman. We did a u-turn after coming to a complete stop, the salesman was in the back seat with no seat belt on, and ended up on the floor. We asked if they were ok, and they answered yes. 3 years later, they are claiming they were severly injured in the event and are completely disabled. Will our car insurance cover this?
Likely not as you failed to report it. Did you have any knowledge this was potentially happening beforehand? Did he claim injury at the time? Did he file WC against the car lot? What do you know of the injuries he is claiming?
We did not have any indication that this person was hurt. We asked if she was ok, she replied yes. We were at the dealership for approx. 1 hour after the test drive, and there was no indication that she was injured. Therefore, we did not report it to our insurance. It never occurred to us to report.
IMO, it is not likely your insurance will get involved at this point. That said, it also is not likely the lady will win, unless she has a ton of documentation bridging the gap between then and now.
More than likely, the statute of limitations will bar her from suing you.
If she was injured on the job, this should be a workers comp claim.
If you are sued, you might wish to consult a lawyer.
She's probably out of work and sees you as an ATM.
She'll also have a proof problem, if you keep your mouth shut.
My approach would be, what injury?
There was never an accident, so how did she get hurt?
Don't admit to anything.
If she sues you, she will have to PROVE her case.
Don't help her!!!!
Not only will your car insurance NOT cover this, you should not agree to pay anything or even engage in conversation regarding this.
The salesman should have been wearing his seatbelt, and as said above, should have made a worker's comp claim at the time this occurred.
You have zero responsibility.
Actually, the claim would be a double edged sword at this point. If she collected WC for the injury, my understanding is she would be required to reimburse them for the amount of any recovery. If she did not collect WC, she has no case against you.
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