Another Accident without insurance case any help will be appreciated

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First, i got an accident without insurance in about 1 year ago April 2008(my bad luck that the 2nd day i bought the car), was my fault and the car i hit had rear bumper damage but the 2 people were in the car went to hospital.
today i received a letter from Sequoia Financial service that saying i own $32000 for the accident last year.
it also said:
"Pursuant to the provisions of the California Vehicle Code, Section 16370, When judgment is obtained, we have the option to requesting that the court report said judgment to the DMV.
if this occurs it could result in the revocation of the driver's license suspension that DMV levies on the driver for driving without liability insurance.

I urge you to contact my office within twenty days from the date of this letter or i will refer this matter to our attorney."

what should i responds about this? i am 24 years old, going to university, never worked before no plan to find a job in the future. maybe going back my own country after 6 or 8 months when i finish school.
$32000 is a lot for me, even my parents in China can't pay this with their saving. i have about $4000 in my bank account from my parents but i don't think they will settle it for $4000.
i know that i will be sued but where are my choices? file bankruptcy? leave to other states(i'm in Los angeles)or China and never come back? i am very nervous now
thanks for reading my case, any help will be appreciated.
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That bit about having your license suspended only applies if a) they sue you, b) they win, and c) you don't pay whatever judgment they get against you.

What you should respond depends on what you want to do and whether you think their claim will succeed. Leaving for another state will not work. They will obtain default judgment against you in California, and enforce it in whatever state they find you. I imagine if you go back to China it might be difficult for them to collect against you there.

You should probably hire a lawyer to defend the claim. Perhaps $320,000 is excessive. Perhaps you can settle with them for a fraction. I would also suggest you formulate a plan to look for work so you can pay this off.
i called the collection agent today, i told him my situation. he told me to try to gather some money from friends or parents then make them a less offer. i talked people around me but most i can borrow from them are around $2000.
Well, good luck with that. I suppose their worst case scenario is you going back to China and them getting nothing. They might accept it.
Just a question here-- what would happen if an American went to China, hit someone and hurt them with no insurance or money to pay for the injured? Then decided to just go back home? Nice huh? Just a thought
Who knows - maybe a US citizen who did the same would have a tough time leaving China. But I agree and, to be clear, I'm not particularly recommending that course of action, just considering the possibility.
the collection guy called me today, he told me that even i go back to China, they have an international Organization which can send people to there, then the China government will help them to catch me there and send me back here for more trouble.(i am China citizen what he was talking about it?)
i was trying to find settlement with them but what he just said which really makes me mad.
if i ignore them in the future, what is the possibility i will get sued? or it will just go on my credit report?
They will try to attach to any assets you have bank accounts cars homes jobs etc... they will ruin your credit and more, have you tried to Work out a payment plan with them ?
I question the accuracy of what he told you about the Chinese government catching you and sending you back to the US for an unpaid debt. Sounds like a scare tactic to me. As far as I am aware, no country does that.

If you ignore them, you will almost certainly be sued. As stated above, you should start talking to a lawyer. I'd also start reconsidering that "no plan to find a job" plan.
Just said it was 2 days after you bought the car. Did you buy it from a private party or a dealership?
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