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  • Thanks, dee_dub. I'm such a newbie here that I just found the message you left me on my visitor wall over a week ago! Duh!

    Anyway, I posted a new thread in the "Contracts" forum. New question about attempts by the ex-client to damage my reputation/defamation and what I should do about it. Would appreciate it if you could take a look. Thanks.

    P.S. I still don't get how this place works. Is the "Visitor wall" like private messaging? And where can I find out about points and levels? Thanks.
    I want to thank you again for your help and advice on my release of claims issue. I drafted something and have sent it off. I was just wondering if there is any way I could send you the document to get your feedback on it. Is there a way to send you an attachment/email? Thanks.
    Hello!! Thank you for the help on my situation... if she has no legal rights to the documents... can I get a court order to have them returned??? How do I do this if it is possible?
    hey whats up?...how do i get to to message you?...private...like can we exchange emails?...
    In June of 2008 my husband and I tried to buy a house. we got our pre-approval letter. during this process we found out that wells-fargo our current mortgage holder reported to credit bureaus two months 30 days late and one 60 days late. I sent a letter to wells fargo and made phone calls about the reporting. The letter I recieved from them in August was a review letter that told me they reviewed their records for the past two years and stand by their records. Over the phone they tell me did not report the two months as late. I had to fax them a copy of a credit report showing that it was incorrect (did that). I recieved a letter in October stating that July was reported correctly and that they will send a letter of correction to the bureaus but it could take 60-90 days before I see a change on the reports. I then had to call them to clarify August. They again tell me to fax them a copy of a credit report with a letter of explanation of what I was asking (done) Now into December I recieve a review letter from the company telling me that they did report incorrect information for August on September 3rd. They would send a copy of the correction letter to the credit bureaus but it could take 30 -90 days before seeing corrections on the credit reports.
    The strangest thing about this situation is that my husband and I are on the same account for the mortgage; his report is showing all the incorrect information and mine is correct (strange). My question to you is that his creidt score has been affected by these mistakrs and prolonged our new loan; What legal grounds do I have to sue them for falsefing information? This has been going on for 6 months; What are our legal rights?
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