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Air conditioner not workingAir conditioner not working Repairs, Maintenance

Discussion in 'Commercial Landlord & Tenant Issues' started by Alan Helms, May 7, 2018.

  1. Alan Helms

    Alan Helms Law Topic Starter New Member

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    North Carolina
    I have lived in my apartment for over a year now in my north Carolina. Last summer, it was between 85 to 92 degrees in my one bedroom apartment there are. 13 other rooms in the apartment building. everyone has complained about the er last year one guy had even gotten sick. There Was 2 working air conditioner units? One of them had went out and they do not want to replace it. Last year they had the maintenance go up into the attic and Close some of the air vents in the duct work. So the people that lived upstairs did not have any I was told to call United Way calls we are not aloud to have. Air conditioner units in the window so I have been trying to find a indoor air conditioner. United Way was the people that gave me this website they had told me it was the landlord's responsibility to have air in the apartment building. What legal standpoint, if any, can be taken on this matter?
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    United Way is incorrect.

    In NC, no law REQUIRES a landlord to provide an air conditioner.

    If your lease speaks to AC, maybe, the lease can require it.

    This article might be informative:

    What are NC tenants’ rights when it comes to air conditioning problems?

    Does north Carolina law say I have to provide a - Q&A - Avvo

    Is My Landlord Required to Provide Air Conditioning? | VerticalRent

    This is your takeaway, mate:

    North Carolina housing code requires a dwelling to have a heating system so that at least one habitable room can be heated to 68 degrees in the winter.

    However, there’s not a numerical threshold defined for hot temperatures in the summer, said Greensboro Housing Coalition Executive Director Brett Byerly.

    You start by reading your lease.

    Also, what happened last summer is meaningless legally.

    It is what is happening now that matters, not what could happen tomorrow.

    Your lease controls most issues you might encounter with your landlord.

    If the lease is silent on air conditioners, you can contact local health or building officials.

    You can contact the mayor, elected city or county officials.

    You can also hire a lawyer.

    Meanwhile, don't withhold rent, don't violate your lease or any LL rules, etc...

    If you can't receive satisfaction and you are living MONTH to MONTH, its time to look for different housing if you're unhappy with your present home.
  3. mightymoose

    mightymoose Moderator

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    I agree. Air conditioning is not a requirement.
    However, the rent you pay is likely based on the availability of certain amenities, so you might be able to make a reasonable complaint for a reduction in rent.
    Review your lease for the correct procedure for reporting maintenance issues. The lease often requires notification in writing. That doesn't mean the landlord will suddenly fix anything, but doing things correctly and having documentation will help you if things should ever escalate.
    Personally, I would be looking for a new home rather than deal with such a lousy landlord.

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